A student who has successfully completed all academic and other requirements prescribed for a BS Civil Engineering degree is awarded the degree by the BOR upon recommendation of the faculty.

Students must file a formal application as candidates for graduation with the Office of the Dean. They shall be recommended for graduation by the faculty after having satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed for graduation.

All candidates for graduation must have their deficiencies made up and their records cleared not later than five (5) weeks before the end of their last semester, with the exception of those in academic subjects and work in Physical Education and Military Science, in which the student is currently enrolled.

No student shall be graduated from the University unless s/he has completed at least one (1) year of residence work which may, however, be extended to a longer period by the proper faculty. The residence work referred to must be done immediately prior ro graduation in case of the following:
  • transferees form other schools other than the University of the Philippines. This residence requirement is in addition to completion of at least 50% of the required units for the course.
  • Students who have been readmitted after being absent without official leave
No student shall be conferred any title or degree who fails to pay the required graduation fee within the specified period set by the University Registrar. Such student may, however, upon request and payment of the necessary fees, be given a certified copy of his/her credentials without specifying his/her completion fo the requirements toward any title or degree.