A student who wants to shift-out of Engineering but is unable to get immediate admission into his/her target college in UP Diliman may apply for transfer to voluntary shifting-out status provided
  • s/he has completed at least 30 units in her/his original program
  • s/he is in good scholastic standing in both her/his home department and the College
The student must first report to the Office of Counseling and Guidance for testing and evaluation before s/he is permitted to enroll as a shifting-out student.

A student is allowed to be a shifting-out student in the College for at most one-academic year. During this one-year period as a shifting-out student, s/he:
  • will be advised by the Office of the College Secretary during registration time
  • will subject to the scholastic/retention rules of the College
  • will be allowed to enroll in subjects outside her/his original curriculum
  • will not be allowed to enroll in any subject (except RGEP) offered by her/his original department
  • must gain admission to another college in UP; otherwise, s/he shall follow the curriculum of her/his original degree program