Waiver of Prerequisites
Courses approved by the University Council as prerequisite to others may not be waived. 

However, in meritorious cases, students who have previously enrolled and fully attended a course that is prerequisite to another may be allowed to enrol and attend in the latter course for credit without having passed or earned credit for the prerequisite course. Permission shall be granted only upon the application by the student. The student shall be accompanied with certification from: 

The student’s instructor in the prerequisite course that the student had fully attended said course, and 

The vice chancellor for student affairs that the student’s failure to pass or earn a credit in the prerequisite course was not due to disciplinary action imposed upon him/her. 

Each college shall be authorized to grant the permission and shall act through a dean’s committee, which shall determine the merit of the application. The said document shall include the College Secretary. 

The student who is granted permission under these rules is required to enrol in the prerequisite course simultaneously with the course to which the former is a prerequisite, or immediately in the next semester.