Revitalized General Education Program

RGEP is a mix of subjects in the Arts and Humanities (AH), Social Sciences and Philosphy (SSP) and Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) domains that give students knowledge and competencies  that will better prepare them for basic understanding of various ways of learning. This makes the UP student a well-rounded person ready for lifelong learning skills.

CE students must take 15 units of subjects in the AH and SSP domains and 9 units of subjects in the MST domain, of which 6 units must be in Philippine Studies. They are free to choose from a wide array of subjects in each domain, subject however to the following restrictions:
  1. Nine (9) units of AH subjects must be communication subjects in English.
  2. An MST subject whose content is substantially covered in the required courses in the CE curriculum may not be taken for credit as a GE subject. (example, Math 1 and 2, Physics 10, NatSci 1, ES 10)
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