Publication Alert: Dr. Vergel publishes an article on estimation of pollutant emissions of road and rail transportation in the Philippines

Dr. Karl B.N. Vergel and colleagues at UP National Center for Transportation Studies (UP NCTS) recently published a research article entitled “Estimation of local pollutant and carbon dioxide emissions of road and rail transportation in the Philippines” in the journal Asian Transport Studies Volume 10 issue.

The paper was able to demonstrate that it is possible to conduct a national-level inventory of baseline local air pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) from road and rail transportation systems in the Philippines through a bottom-up approach. It made use of available secondary data on transportation activity and emission factors.

Access the full paper at

The paper is one of the outputs of the university research project entitled “Modelling and Estimation of Transportation Energy Demand of the Philippines” implemented by the Transportation Environment and Energy Group of the UP NCTS in 2019–2021, supported by the Energy Research Fund (ERF) of the UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Karl B.N. Vergel is a professor and head of UP ICE Transportation Engineering Group. He is also a research & extension fellow of the UP NCTS. 

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