114 years of UP Civil Engineering Program

We are celebrating today the 114th anniversary of the establishment of the Civil Engineering Program in the University of the Philippines – coinciding with the foundation of the UPD College of Engineering!

As the years passed, the UP Institute of Civil Engineering, then Department of Civil Engineering, continues to be an institution that nurtures a culture of integrity, relevance, and excellence in civil engineering and its specialized fields.

We thank all our stakeholders – academic and research personnel, staff, students, alumni, industry partners, and friends of the institute – for being part of our journey towards honor and excellence!

Some history: The College of Engineering is the fifth college unit to be established in the University. The University Board of Regents appointed Mr. W.J. Colbert as acting Dean (effective on June 13, 1910) thereby creating the College of Engineering. Initially, a four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science with an additional degree of Civil Engineer upon completion of an extra year of study was approved. Three students graduated at the end of 1913-1914 with the degree of Bachelor of Science. These were the remainder of the original 22; they all enrolled for another year to obtain the degree of Civil Engineer.

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