Admission into the Master’s program in Civil Engineering require B.S. degree in Civil Engineering or its allied fields from a recognized institution of higher learning. 

Applications for admissions into the Program shall be submitted to the Graduate Office of the College of Engineering. 
Each application for admission into the Program must be accomplished on an official graduate application form and accompanied by: 
  1. an official transcript of records of undergraduate and graduate work for all schools attended; 
  2. two letters of recommendations; and, 
  3. a non-refundable application fee. 
The Graduate Office has additional details on the abovementioned requirements and may have additional requirements for application. 

Students whose academic and/or experience records indicate adequate preparation for graduate work in the field of their choice may, upon application, be admitted as degree students. Others may be admitted as graduate students, in which case, they shall not be allowed to enroll for more than one semester except by the special permission of the Dean. Non-degree students who are able to demonstrate creditable performance in graduate courses may apply for transfer to degree status subject to the approval of the Institute Director.