Transportation Engineering Group

Transportation Engineering deals with the application of technology and scientific principles to the planning, design, operation, and management of facilities for any mode of transportation. It aims to provide the acceptable level of service for movement of people and goods considering safety, efficiency, convenience, economy, and environmental compatibiliy. Aside from traditional highway planning, design, and traffic engineering, the range of study field includes traffic surveys, transportation safety, intelligent transportation system, environmentally sustainable transportation system, traffic simulation, public transportation systems, non-motorized transport, air transportation, and maritime transportation.

Research Agenda

  • Traffic Flow Theory and Analysis, and Traffic Engineering
  • Highway Engineering & Pavement Engineering (Road and Airport)
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Transport Safety
  • Public Transportation
  • Mobility Management
  • Active Transportation, Planning and Design of Inclusive and Sustainable Transportation; Multimodal Transportation Planning and Design
  • Transportation, Environment, and Energy

Featured Project

Project PAVE

Project PAVE (Prototype Automated Visual survey Equipment) aims to improve the local road monitoring system. It aims to automatically detect the defects on the road including potholes, cracks, vegetation, pavement markings and other defects as specified in Department Order 41 of Department of Public Works and Highways. This equipment aims to assist road quality inspectors for faster data gathering and lessen the risk of their jobs. This faster means of assessment can enable road managers to detect road distresses quicker and address them faster to minimize civilian exposure to road hazards.

Project PAVE is funded by DOST PCIEERD and led by Dr. Lea Bronuela-Ambrocio, faculty member of UP ICE Transportation Engineering Group.

Featured Research and Publication

Locating Off-campus Shuttle Service Terminals for a University using Address Cluster Analysis (Mathew Harvey T. PERALTA, Jun T. CASTRO, Dominic C. FARGAS Jr., Kayziel P. MARTINEZ)

Star Rating for Schools (SR4S): The Case of Zamboanga and Valenzuela Cities in the Philippines (Sahid A. KAMID, Glenn Simon D. LATONERO, Ricardo G. SIGUA, Jose Regin F. REGIDOR)

Pedestrian Safety Assessment Within Public Elementary School Zones in Quezon City Using Star Rating for Schools (Cherie Lynne GOMINTONG, Jose Regin F. REGIDOR)