Registration Announcements

06 September 2023

Official Information Channels

For information on registration matters for the First Semester of AY 2023-2024, you may refer to the following official channels
of UP ICE:

Registration Schedule and Steps Flowchart


  • All courses offered by ICE will be available for waitlisting from September 6 until September 8.
  • These waitlists will be processed once per day.
  • All students are advised to keep waitlisting even if slots for a course is full to help inform the institute of the actual demand.
  • Do not contact individual faculty members nor your mentors asking for more slots.
  • Instructions for Prerog will be posted after the waitlisting period.

Academic Load

  • For undergraduate students
    – The regular load is 15 units.
    – The maximum load is 18 units (without lab units) or 21 units (with lab units).
  • Students taking less than 15 units or more than the maximum will have to apply for underload or overload, respectively.
    – Necessary forms and processes may be viewed and downloaded at:
  • Students applying for underload should use the new CRS feature and follow the steps outlined in process 25 in:
  • Students applying for overload should follow the steps outlined in process 10 in:

Director’s Endorsement

  • For any form or process (e.g. underload or overload of units) that requires the institute director’s endorsement, kindly send these forms to your mentors or through the following Google form (you may also find the direct link to this form in our FB post):
  • Please refrain from emailing the Institute director directly.
  • Your mentor or a representative from the Advising and Registration Committee will email you the endorsed forms once signed.

Enlisting Subjects Outside the Curriculum

  • Students are reminded that, due to the Free Tuition scheme under RA 10931, enlisting in any additional subiect outside of the prescribed curriculum for enrichment purposes is not allowed.
  • Consult with your mentor for more information.

NSTP Courses

  • Students are reminded that NSTP 1 & 2 (ROTC / CWTS / LTS) must be taken under the same offering unit. UP ICE offers CWTS 1 and CWTS 2.
  • Also note that NSTP Common Module and ROTC 1/CWTS 1/ LTS 1must be taken first.
  • Consult with your mentor for more information.

Gen. Ed. Elective

  • Students are reminded that their Gen. Ed. elective is advised to be among the approved Social Sciences and Philosophy (SSP) courses:
    • Anthro 10, Econ 11, SEA30, Lingg 1
    • Archaeo 2, Ethics 1, Philo10, SocSci1
    • Arkiyoloji 1, Philo 11, Demo 1, SAS 1
    • Geog 1, SOSC3, LArch 1, Socio 10
  • Consult with your mentor for more information.

CoE Online Processing of Documents

  • For other concerns involving processing of online documents in the College, please refer to the following link:

Waiver of Prerequisites

  • Courses approved by the University Council as prerequisites to others may not be waived.
  • In meritorious cases, students who have previously enrolled and fully attended a course that is a prerequisite to another may be allowed to enroll and attend in the latter course for credit without having passed or earned credit for the prerequisite course.
  • For ICE, all of the following conditions must be met:
    • Course to be taken with waiver of prerequisites must be last of the major series
    • Student must be expecting to graduate this semester.
    • Prerequisite/s must have been already taken.
  • Students who have met all the required conditions for the waiver of prerequisites should follow the steps outlined in process 11 in:

CE 190 enlistment

  • All students eligible to take CE 190 are instructed to enlist in any CE 190 section.
  • Students will be redistributed once the group assignments have been finalized after the CE 190 roadshow.

UP ICE Course Schedule 2324B

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CE, CWTS, and DRMAPS Courses offered by ICE

ES Courses offered by ICE

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UP ICE Faculty Contact List

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