UP Association of Civil Engineering Students


The University of the Philippines Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES), founded on July of 1954, still stands as one of the proudest and most prestigious organizations to grace the university. Within Engineering, the prestige of the UP ACES events has prompted many of the other organizations to raise the level of their own standards. With events like the National Civil Engineering Summit and being the only organization that hosts two major night events during Engineering week, namely Jammeng’g and Indakan, they have shown brilliance like no other organization. It’s been 68 years and UP ACES never ceased to be an icon of excellence in the college, as well as the university. Its history and the members who are innately leaders and achievers, contribute to the continually rising tower and deeper foundation of UP ACES.


As the premiere Civil Engineering organization in the University of the Philippines – Diliman, the University of the Philippines Association of Civil Engineering Students is a cradle of excellence and a training ground for future leaders and achievers in the Civil Engineering field. To achieve this goal, UP ACES commits itself to:

1. Promoting academic excellence and professional growth of its members
2. Inciting and guiding engineering students in developing their skills in leadership and human relations
3. Encouraging civil engineering students to work harmoniously and in fellowship dedicated to science and technology; and
4. Working for the improvement of civil engineering standards and curricula.


The University of the Philippines Association of Civil Engineering Students has been, and will continue in constant pursuit of excellence in all aspects of student and professional life. UP ACES envisions itself to be regarded as the most excellent student organization in molding well-rounded, brilliant, professional engineers and leaders who excel in their fields of endeavor.

Contact Information

Website: upaces.org
Facebook: facebook.com/upaces
Twitter: twitter.com/upaces
Email: execom@upaces.org