The ICE Compound

The Institute of Civil Engineering maintains the ICE compound within the Engineering Complex, located at Pardo de Tavera St., University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Being the largest in the UP College of Engineering Complex in terms of building/s footprint, ICE offers a lot of facilities for its students, faculty and staff members, and guests.

For UP ICE’s research laboratories and facilities, visit our Research Facilities page. Click here.

Institute of Civil Engineering Main Building

The compound has an office and classroom building and several laboratory facilities. The ICE Main building houses the office facilities for its administrators, faculty, and staff for them to perform their function to deliver quality services to students and other stakeholders. Some of these facilities include classrooms, the Director’s Office, Deputy Directors’ Offices, Six (6) Academic Group Offices, and Three (3) Faculty Rooms. The building also houses a canteen and the David M. Consunji Theater.

Faculty Rooms

Three large rooms serve as faculty offices for all of its more than 50 faculty members. Each faculty member is assigned their own cubicle in one of these offices where they also receive students for consultation, or visitors who seek their professional advice and expertise.


All lecture classes and service courses offered by the Institute are held in classroom facilities in the Main Building. The sizes of the rooms vary to accommodate the different class sizes of its various course offerings in a semester. Furthermore, the Institute also has six (6) graduate student rooms for MS and Ph.D. students supervised by ICE faculty, whether pursuing research in CE or in related fields.

David M. Consunji Theater

The David M. Consunji Theater is a 260-seat theater housed inside the ICE Main Building. It was inaugurated in November 2017. The theater is being used for student assemblies, seminars, research conferences, and other events such as concerts and competitions. The theater is named in honor of the founder of the DMCI Group of Companies and one of the Institute’s esteemed alumni and acknowledged “Grandfather of Philippine Construction Industry,” the late Engr. David M. Consunji.


The UP ICE Canteen started operating on August 1, 2017, serving many students, faculty, staff and visitors. Before the pandemic, several food concessionaires served lunch meals and merienda every Monday to Friday. To promote environmental awareness, the Canteen is also implementing a “Clean As You Go” scheme, and “Bring Your Own Baunan” (B.Y.O.B.) scheme by giving discounts to students who bring their food containers with them when buying their meals.

The UP ICE Canteen is situated in the UP ICE Compound, between the ICE Main Building and the Department of Chemical Engineering Building.

Take a virtual tour of UP ICE’s Main Building and Laboratories.

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