Student Opportunities

The Office of Student Housing (OSH) at the University of the Philippines Diliman provides comfortable, accessible, and affordable housing for underprivileged students and students from distant provinces. All dormitories are strategically located near academic buildings, shops, and restaurants. In general, a standard room is furnished with beds, mattresses, study tables, chairs, and lockers for each resident. Admission to a student dormitory is based on income bracket and region of origin. Priority is given to freshmen and those with the lowest incomes and with residences farthest from Metro Manila. Applications are screened electronically and then deliberated on by the Dormitory Admissions Committee.

Click here to visit the Office of Student Housing website.

Office of Student Housing

Phone: 8981-8500 loc. 4510
Facebook page:

The Kalayaan Residence Hall is a co-educational residence hall exclusively for freshmen (Source: OSH webpage)

The Diliman Learning Resource Center (DLRC) was institutionalized on April 28, 1997 to promote academic excellence in a more caring and nurturing environment at the UP Diliman Campus.

The DLRC offers free peer-assisted tutorials in Mathematics (Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus), Science (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology), and Engineering Sciences as well as simulated examinations, i.e., intensive written exams designed, conducted, and discussed by competent peer tutors. The Center also provides students with internet-ready computers for their research, reviewers and self-learning modules in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, and a well-maintained area conducive to studying, project-making, or small group meetings.

Visit the Diliman Learning Resource Center (DLRC) webpage for more information about its services.

Aside from DLRC, some student organizations and student councils also offer free tutorial sessions and seminars for the benefit of students.

 Diliman Learning Resource Center (DLRC)

Phone: 8981-8500 loc. 4622
Facebook page:

The Diliman Learning Resource Center (Source: DLRC webpage)

Academically qualified but financially challenged students can obtain funding for their tuition fees, allowances, and other financial matters by applying for available scholarships and grants in the University.

The office that deals with matters of student welfare in the College of Engineering, including financial assistance, is the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (ADSA). Email or visit their office at Room 209, Melchor Hall (College of Engineering Building), UP Diliman. Follow and visit their Facebook page regularly for announcements related to scholarships and grants.

CoE ADSA Facebook page:


At the University level, the Office of Scholarships & Grants (OSG) under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) ensures that the unavailability of financial resources will not be a constraint for students in obtaining a UP education. The office facilitates the following services:

  • SLAS Online/ST Discount
  • Private and Government-Funded Scholarship Programs
  • Grants-in-Aid Program (GIAP)
  • Student Loan Program
  • Adopt-a-Student Program
  • GSIS Student Insurance
  • Financial Assistance for Student Contingencies Program (FASCP)
  • Student and Graduate Assistantship Program (SAGA)
  • UP DOST Core Group

Visit the website of OSG for more information. Follow and visit their Facebook page regularly for announcements related to scholarships and grants.

Click here to visit the Office of Scholarships & Grants (OSG) website.

Office of Scholarships & Grants (OSG)

Phone: 8981-8500 loc. 4504-4506
Facebook page:

Senior BSCE students are expected to propose and implement research projects in their courses, CE 190: Seminar and Research Methods in Civil Engineering and CE 199: Undergraduate Research Project.

The UP Engineering Research & Development Foundation Inc., through the UPD College of Engineering Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (ADSA) and UP ICE, provides supplementary funding support for senior students for expenses related to their undergraduate research project in the form of Thesis Support Grants (TSG). A project may request support for up to PHP 10,000. A call for TSG applications is issued every semester.

The following items may be applied for from the TSG:

  1. Materials, equipment, and any other expenses related to a laboratory and/or field work
  2. Communication allowance

The university promotes academic collaboration with local and foreign universities in the form of student and faculty exchange, joint research, exchange of publications, sponsorship of conferences, and other academic activities through the Office of International Linkages (OIL) Diliman.

The office also facilitates the application and endorsement of UP students who wish to study for one to two semesters at a UP Diliman partner institution abroad. OIL Diliman has a regular call for applications for the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) for undergraduate students.

You can learn more about these opportunities by visiting their website.

Office of International Linkages (OIL) Diliman

Phone: 8981-8500 loc. 2561
Facebook page:

Students do their on-the-job training in their CE 195: Internship course,where they are provided the opportunity to apply the theories, tools, and techniques they learn in the classroom to actual field conditions. BSCE students will be exposed to real-life situations set in a professional practice-oriented environment.

CE 195 is offered during the students’ midyear term, and the students are required to allot a minimum of 200 hours as an on-the-job trainee in a related civil engineering company, institution, or organization.

UP ICE students during their internships at DATEM, Inc., DDT Konstract, Inc., and MDC

Upon completion of their Undergraduate Research Projects, students may join local and international conferences to present their research work. They are given the opportunity to learn from the studies of various universities and institutions specializing in themes and problems related to civil engineering.

Some of the conferences that students can participate in are the annual regional conferences that are supported by the JICA Technical Cooperation Project for ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net) and organized by its member universities. This is also sponsored by the UP OIL, under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Official poster of the 15th Regional Conference in Environmental Engineering supported by AUN/SEED-Net

Several competitions are also open to UP ICE students who want to showcase their excellence in engineering-related fields, not only locally but also internationally, with the guidance and coaching of the ever-supportive ICE faculty.

UP ICE teams have been champions in various local math and engineering competitions such as the Executives’ Challenge and AutoMATHic Competitions. In the past, students have also participated in the Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools (IDEERS) International Competition held in Taiwan and the ACI Eco-concrete Competition in Canada.

The UP ICE Team won first place in the ACI Eco-concrete Competition during the Spring 2019 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention and Exposition last March 24-28, 2019 in Quebec, Canada.

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