Research Facilities

The Institute has several laboratories which are essential for the advancement of research in various fields of civil engineering. These laboratories including all its equipment supplement the concepts that are thought in classrooms by providing students first-hand experience to conduct experiments and witness how the scientific and engineering knowledge they learned are applied in real-life situations. In addition, the laboratory facilities provide extension services to cater to the needs of industry partners and other institutions.

Research centers affiliated with the Institute also have their own offices such as the UP National Hydraulic Research Center (NHRC) located in Melchor Hall, the UP Building Research Service (BRS) located in the National Engineering Center (NEC) building, and the National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS).

Coastal Engineering Laboratory
Construction Materials and Structures Laboratory
DMCI Homes Computational Laboratory
Environmental and Energy Engineering Laboratory
Fire Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Structures Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Wind Tunnel Laboratory