The Environment and Energy Engineering Group has the following research tracks:

        1. Monitoring and remediation of contaminated groundwater
                a. Saltwater intrusion
                b. Contamination from dumpsites
                c. Remediation technologies

        2. Water Quality Management
                a. Water quality mapping
                b. Desalination for potable water supply

        3. Sanitation and Wastewater treatment technologies
                a. Indigenous materials as filter media
                b. On-site and small wastewater treatment technologies

        4. Environmental impacts on structures
                a. Corrosion of rebars due to saltwater
                b. Effect of acid rain on structures

        5. Characterization of Philippine soils for Landfill Liners and Covers

Past Projects:
  • Hybrid constructed subsurface flow wetland as a treatment system  for the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center Lagoon, 2009. (Project Leader: Dr. Augustus Resurreccion)
  • International Collaboration Research Project between Saitama University and University of the Philippines: Quantification of Methane Emission in soil-covered methane mined Payatas dumpsite: Field Measurements, Monitoring and Simulation Studies, 2008. (by Dr. Augustus Resurreccion)
  • AUNSEED-net Collaborative Research Project: Effects of the Quezon City Controlled Dumping facility on Soil and Water Quality (by Dr. Maria Antonia Tanuchuling)

  • Extending the Database of Soil-Gas Transport Parameters for Philippine Soils and set-up of a new Soils and Sediments Laboratory PhDIA 080803, OVCRD PhD Incentive Grant, 2008. (Project Leader: Dr. Augustus Resurreccion)