The Transportation Engineering Group has the research track:

Environmentally Sustainable Transport
    1) Road Safety and Maintenance
    2) Transport, traffic and environment modeling and simulation
    3) Re-engineering the jeepney

Past Projects:
  • Effects of Coco-methyl Ester (CME) Biodiesel Blends on Emissions, Fuel Consumption and Engine Performance of Diesel-Fueled Vehicles, Collaborative Research (CR) Project under JICA-AUN/SEED-Net, 2007-2009, UPD, Burapa University and Tokyo Institute of Technology (by Dr. Karl Vergel) 
  • State of the Practice of Road Pavement Engineering in the Philippines, contract research for Holcim Philippines through UPNCTSFI, September 2009 - December 2009 (by Dr. Jose Regin Regidor)

  • A Study on Residential Trip Generation in the Philippines, Outright Research Grant, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development, September 2006-2009 (by Dr. Jose Regin Regidor)
  • A Basic Study on the Estimation of Trip and Parking Generation of Offices in the Philippine Context, Faculty Research Incentive Award, U.P. Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc., October 2007-2008 (by Dr. Jose Regin Regidor)